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Sometimes the best magic is the kind you discover for yourself…

Pastamancy and Other Accidental Magics is an urban fantasy audio drama podcast about witches and finding community. Pastamancy follows Emil Gunnarsson, the youngest member of the Hagston family, as he returns home and Oliver Waite, an aspiring private eye, as he discovers what life is like in the historic magical community of Hagstone. Unfortunately, family obligation and scandal take over their lives when the annual call for Grimoire spell submissions begins and arguments about what qualifies as legitimate magic come to light. As things begin to unravel, Emil and Oliver become disenchanted with the idea of Hagstone and all the History that comes with it.

You can find us on the web here at, @PastamancyPod on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Email us at

The casting call for Pastamancy and Other Accidental Magics is open from now until December 1, 2019. Check out our Casting Call page for more information!

Where to Listen

Pastamancy and Other Accidental Magics will be available on most podcatchers.

When to Listen

Episode schedule to be announced.